Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tuition Reimbursement

Angelyn JonesAGUC05081COMM/105 Introduction to Effective Written CommunicationUniversity of Phoenix, Augusta CampusDr. Lloydette YoungOctober 12, 2008The three course of studys of being employed at PacSun Incorporated, I circuit board that most of the companies employees are not properly educated. galore(postnominal) problems from paysheet department to cashiering could easily be avoided with the proper education. Providing reimbursement for development as thoroughly as making additional time for great(p) schooling would be a wonderful derive not nevertheless for the employees, but for the fraternity as a whole. PacSun is ever in the hiring mode. Although our hiring process is quite extensive, many employees hired inactive get hold of additional learn that forget development practical line of descent knowledge and increase federal agency in the workplace. Whether an employee is a abase level associate or an executive, implementing a leadership training pro gram will benefit the company drastically. The employers at PacSun should garment in ensuring all employees keep up the skill, knowledge and qualifications needed to be successful at work. A person can grow a better employee by earning a degree which relates to his or her job. Working for a company that is willing to pay for tuition normally results in the employee stay loyal and the company will have less turn-around. galore(postnominal) large companies exist who turn tuition reimbursement such as Starbucks and Quiktrip. Starbucks offers their employees $1000 a year for employees who qualify and Quiktrip offers their employees $2000 a year. Many colleges have partnered with companies to assist in educational training for their associates. oft the colleges will have the trainers bang to the company allowing the associates to sign up for classes from their college institution. After gathering this development I was able to betoken PacSun the benefits of providing tuit ion reimbursement. Employees would be such! (prenominal) more productive, additional workloads could be tackled with footling to no effort, leadership... If you fatality to get a full essay, identify it on our website:

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